Microsoft Peer Web Services
Microsoft Peer Web Services

Web Publishing For Windows NT Workstation

Why not add the latest features to Peer Web Services?

Microsoft® Peer Web Services (PWS) makes it easy to publish personal and departmental Web pages on your corporate intranet. To learn more about how Peer Web Services will help you in your business, browse the PWS online documentation.
You can manage the PWS services from a Web browser. To start the administration tool in your current Web browser, click here. (Note: You must have administrator privileges to use this tool.)
Sample Pages and Applications
Try the hyperlinks above to see examples of the content you can publish with Microsoft Peer Web Services. To learn more about Microsoft products that you can use to create great-looking Web pages, visit the Microsoft Web site for information about Microsoft FrontPage and Internet Assistants for Microsoft Office.

Browsing the Internet
A good place to begin browsing the Internet is, where you will find information about Microsoft products. This Web site contains pages that discuss Microsoft Peer Web Services. The Microsoft Web site also provides downloadable versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. Another good place to start browsing is The Microsoft Network Web site.

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